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August 21, 2007
Latest Footy Newsletter from the UK
Angus Richardson sends along his latest UK Footy Newsletter. Angus has undertaken to plot the UK Footy sailors and clubs in a Google mapping application. From the look of it, the British Isles are about to sink under the weight of the multi-colored markers indicating boats and clubs.

After the success of Gosport there may be an incentive for further Footy events. There's also some rumor of a Liverpool 2008 event. More details in the newsletter itself...

August 13, 2007
UK registers 100th Footy
Derek Morland's boat was the 100th Footy to be registered in the UK. That's amazing growth for a new class of boat!

August 12, 2007
Slithey Tove Trophy race announced
Slithey Tove Trophy regatta to be held at Llandudno, Conwy, UK on September 16, 2007. See the Notice of Race and the entry form for more details.

August 07, 2007
Fall Footy Regatta announced in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.
The Triangle Model Yacht Club will host a Fall Footy Regatta in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA on October 14th, 2007. You can find more by reading the Sailing Instructions or viewing the Entry Form.

July 01, 2007
Latest Footy Newsletter from the UK
Angus Richardson has sent out his latest Footy Newsletter. This time he highlights the Gosport Footy Championship being held in Gosport on Sun 29 July. There's also a P.S. about another possible Footy regatta in Raleigh, North Carolina (USA).

June 28, 2007
Evening meeting at Crawley Mariners Yacht Club
Guildford Model Yacht Club were invited to Crawley Mariners' water at Hedgecourt Lake to provide some model yacht racing for their members. Martin Crysell, Mark Mortimore and I visited the club and also invited Footy sailors, Nick Burden from Southwater Dabblers, and other local Footy sailors Gary Sanderson and David Sweet to take part.

The approach to the club by car was most unusual in that one turned off the A 264 just west of East Grinstead down a narrow track through a thick wood. Over half a mile of winding through this dense undergrowth the Dinghy Park, Club and Lake appeared as if the light was being gradually switched on as one approached. It is a beautiful open water with well landscaped edges close to agricultural fields. The clubhouse and launching jetties close to the windward end of the lake did cut down the moderate south-westerly wind, but there was enough to give good sailing. What wasn't so welcome was the rain, which not only halted the tennis at Wimbledon but also spoiled somewhat the ambience of this summer evening.

Commodore Donald Roche welcomed us and set out a small triangular course whilst skippers, used to sailing dinghies, had to go with the models. There were four Marbleheads, two BOTTLE boats, five Footy and one 2 foot boats, and a small plastic kit boat. Lots of problems mainly to do with inexperience caused havoc in the first race with two Footy boats beating all the bigger boats not just on handicap, but boat for boat! Many had a go with more than one boat and experienced a reasonable range of what good model yachts had to offer, from the speed of the Marbleheads, the acceleration of the BOTTLE boats and the nippy manoeuvrability of the Footys. These were enjoyed right to the end of the evening as the rain stopped and it started to get dark. During the racing Nick, with his new design 'Buttercup 2' was pleased to win one of the races as was Gary with his balanced McCormack single sail rigged 'Bobabout'. I was also pleased that the new design 'ANT' handled very nicely in the gusts as well as sailing as fast as the 'BUG' on its first trip out.

We have left some leaflets and hopefully Crawley Mariners will take up this branch of the sport and be able to enjoy even more racing on their beautiful lake. Donald thought that this would be good for teaching newcomers sail, training and in particular learning the rules. Pictures are here.

Report by Roger Stollery 2007-06-28.

June 23, 2007
Footy Class welcomes new Italian Registrar
Fabio Cammarano has volunteered to be the registrar for Italian Footys. His own boat will be 'ITA 01'. He's a member of the Yacht Club Verona, where there are about 5 IOM skipper interested in Footys (so the fleet could quickly increase). You'll find his email address on the REGISTER page.

June 21, 2007
Footy Firecracker Challenge
The South Daytona (Florida) MYC is planning fleet racing for the Footy Firecracker Challenge at the S. Daytona pond of the SDRCMYC on Sunday July 1st at 10am. All Footy's are welcome and an internet course will be available for those looking to post an early time for the Looking Glass Trophy. For info contact Paul or visit the Club website at
June 18, 2007
Results of the 2007 Footy Euro Grand Prix at Bourneville, Birmingham, UK
A total of five boats made it to Bourneville for event in horrendous weather. You can find complete results, photos and a description of the event here in our Racing section.

June 14, 2007
Colwyn Bay MYC offers "Looking Glass Trophy" in July 2007
The Colwyn Bay MYC is offering several trophies as part of an Internet Racing Series. The rules differ slightly from the New Zealand Classic earlier this year, so read carefully. The races will be run throughout July, 2007. The complete description is in their Notice of Race.