Register your boat FOOTY Class R/C Sailboat
Official Class Association of IFCA

Register your boat!

When you register your boat you will be assigned a sail number. These sail numbers are unique within your country. This will also provide useful information about the total number of Footys afloat and help us get the class registered officially.

Send an email to one of the following registrars. Be sure to include "Footy Registration" in the email subject.

Argentina Eduardo Ramos
Australia Al Harrison
Austria Harald Klein
Belgium Jan van Iwaarden
Brazil Fred Schmidt
Canada Chris Preston
Chile Thomas Armstrong
Czech RepublicSvatopluk Hubacek
Ecuador Maximiliab Eder
France Jean-François Bessière
Germany Thomas Grimm
Italy Claudio Vigada
Japan Akio Utsumi
NetherlandsJan van Iwaarden
New ZealandBrett McCormack
Poland Pawel Dejnak
Portugal Vacant
Russia Alexander Ambarov
SlovakiaSvatopluk Hubacek
SloveniaErik Jankovic
South AfricaGavin Katts
Spain David Gonzalez
Sweden Animor Dobrovich
SwitzerlandRollo Schwegler
UK Peter Jackson
USA Bill Hagerup

Adminstrative details may be found in the Footy Class Association Charter.