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Razor Update

Bill continues to refine his Razor design. The best way to learn more is to visit the Yahoo Footy Group. Here are some extracts from one of his postings...

Bill Hagerup writes:

I get lots of inquiries about Razor, so here are the dimensions and some pics of the latest variation. Of course, Razor is always a work in progress, so I don't guarantee that it will stay this way!

Razor Dimensions:

These dimensions are a starting point for your own thinking. Footys are a development class, so try something new. If it works, please tell us about it.

The pics show Razor with 2 different rigs. I've tried to include enough detailed close-ups so that builders can copy what they like. The "A" rig with the blue-trimmed sails shown here is from Dennis Desprois. Dennis's sails are far nicer than mine. The "B" rig shown below is my own creation...very low budget but works just fine.

The sheet arrangement is a simple double purchase...both sheets are anchored on a hook in the aft corner of the hull (under the little white deck patch) then they go through the servo arm, out the aft fairlead, then the jib sheet goes forward to the eye in front of the mast...the double purchase arrangement gives me just the right amount of sheet travel with the length of the arm pictured.