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North Wales & Merseyside Division

22 April 2007

Colwyn Bay

Model Yacht Club

Sailing Instructions

  1. Each boat must be registered with the International Footy Class Association.
  2. Racing will be held on the model boating lake, West Shore, Llandudno, Conwy on 22 April 2007.
  3. All boats will be measured. Those found not to comply with Footy class rules will not be scored. A photo of each boat in the measuring box will be taken to comply with the regulations of the NZ Postal Classic.
  4. A skipper may enter more than one boat.
  5. Skippers' meeting will be at 9:15 AM. First heat will commence at 9:30 AM.
  6. Entry fee is £3.00 per boat. Local prizes will be presented as follows: if there are less than three boats, a first prize only: if there are between three and six boats, a first and second prize: if there are between seven and ten boats, first, second and third prizes: in excess of ten boats: four prizes.
  7. Prizes will be awarded for the fastest and slowest laps and for the fastest lap by a junior under age 18.
  8. Five heats of 5 laps each will be sailed, on the standard "internet course", consisting of windward and leeward marks spaced 50 feet apart, and connected by a floating line. Competitors are racing the clock, not each other. Two or more boats may be on the course at a time, with their starts staggered so that they will not interfere with each other. In the case where boats meet, or at marks, the Racing Rules of Sailing will apply.
  9. The starting order of the boats will be determined by lot and/or frequency availability.
  10. Each skipper will be required to act as timekeeper for another skipper once in each heat for each boat entered. The timekeeper will also serve as mark judge.
  11. Individual starts will be given for each boat by an audible signal. Timing will start when the boat passes the leeward mark after the start signal. A boat that has not started within 1 minute of its starting signal will be disqualified from that heat. Timing will end when the boat passes the leeward mark in the downwind direction on the fifth lap.
  12. Heats will be scored using the low points method based on the times.
  13. All entries' times will be sent to Brett McCormack, the Race Organiser of the New Zealand Postal Classic, for entry into that competition.