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January 08, 2007
Colwyn Bay MYC to host Regatta
The Colwyn Bay MYC of Llandudno, Conwy in the UK is holding a companion regatta to the 1st ANNUAL NEW ZEALAND POSTAL CLASSIC on April 22, 2007. Read details here.

January 07, 2007
Footy event at Southwater Dabblers
The 35 mph south-westerly wind forecast was exciting as the BUG prototype has only been sailing in its small rig once and I was keen see how it performed. The Southwater lake is quite large, but is in a hollow where clay for the famous Southwater bricks was dug. It is also surrounded by trees so that the south-westerly wind reaches the water surface in a series of random swirls, downward gust forces and airless holes; nothing like the forecast. The rather out of focus photograph below shows the two leading boat's close together on virtually the same course but on different tacks! (See full story here)

January 04, 2007
2006 Chris Dicks Award Design Competition results
The response to the 2006 design competition was very encouraging indeed with eight entries ranging from a pure fun concept to a variety of completed designs. Interest in design is alive and kicking! It would appear that the small size of the Footy class does encourage would-be designers to have a go and builders to transform their ideas into working boats. (see the full story here)

December 29, 2006
Buffalo Model Boat Club Regatta
The Buffalo Model Boat Club (New York, USA) is holding a regatta April 22nd, 2007 in conjunction with the 1st ANNUAL NEW ZEALAND POSTAL CLASSIC. Visit their website for details.

December 25, 2006
A Merry Christmas and Some News
First, a very merry Christmas to you all. And as you take Granny’s New Year Diary out of its wrapping, do the old girl a favour: put something in it.

The Footy Euro Grand Prix will be held in Bourneville (that’s in Birmingham for those who don’t know) on 16th July June 2007. If we get super-marvellous entries, it may even extend to the 17th.

We hope to get young skippers from Malta, Sweden, Belgium and the United States – as well as the UK. Despite the emphasis on youth, the Euro Grand Prix is a full blooded, all out event. Really serious guys are invited to come and get really serious!

I know that nobody ever does it (sighs heavily) but if people could give me an indication of interest (not commitment) at this stage, I would be terribly grateful and would digest my Christmas turkey better !!!!

Once again, Happy Christmas.

Angus Richardson Footy Class Secretary

November 24, 2006
"1st Annual New Zealand Postal Classic" race announced.
Running April 1-30, 2007. click for details

October 27, 2006
Read about UK Footy racing at Southwater Country Park.

October 10, 2006
Footy Class Association Charter
Organizational details about the Footy Class Association are now available on the Footy Class Association Charter page.

October 2006
Chris Dicks Award - design competition 2006 for 'Footy' boats
This year the MYA will again present the Chris Dicks Design Award to the designer(s) of the best new UK Footy Class design submitted. Designs can be presented in any way that shows the shape and general arrangement of the boat and may include the detail of the design or building of the whole or parts. Entries should be sent to the MYA technical secretary at 6 Little Tumners Court, Godalming, Surrey GU7 2HF or e-mail to arrive by midnight on Sunday 19th November 2006.

The Footy Class – summary rules are attached. Entries will be judged by considering the hull, foils/bulb and rig/sails against each of the following criteria: shape, innovation and ease of building.

The entries and winning design will be shown at the MYA AGM on Saturday 25th November.

Please direct any queries to the MYA technical secretary on 01483 421 801.

July 2006
AMYA Footy Class web page up
The official AMYA Footy Class web page is up.