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March 05, 2007
Raleigh, North Carolina to host New Zealand Postal Race April 22nd.
The Triangle Model Yacht Club will be hosting a Footy regatta in conjunction with the New Zealand Postal Classic. Like other regattas this one will be held on April 22nd, 2007. The site is Lake Johnson in Raleigh, NC, USA. For more details see the announcement on this website.

February 18, 2007
New chairman for Footy Technical Team
Brett McCormack, founder of the Footy class is resigning as chairman of the Technical team to focus his time solely on boat design. Bill Hagerup will resign as US national representative and take over as chairman. He will be joined on the Technical team by Earl Boebert from the USA and Roger Stollery from the UK. Angus Richardson is resigning from the Technical Committee, while remaining as the national representative for the UK.

Earl Boebert is a distingished computer scientist and an authority on the history of model yachts. He is the author of the "Yankee III - Build and Sail a Famous J-Class Yacht" and editor of the US Vintage Model Yacht Group newsletter. He also established the US VMYG website). One of his particular interests is the history of measurement rules.

Roger Stollery is a retired architect and the Technical Secretary of the MYA. He is one of Britain's foremost and most innovative model yacht designers of the last 40 years. He was the Chairman of the working party that drew up the current Footy box rule.

February 17, 2007
New Fiberglass Hull Available
Barrett Sparkman is offering a fiberglass Footy hull for $40. View details of his "Bearfoot" hull on his website, Sparkman Micro Marine.

February 16, 2007
Footys in Sweden
The first Footys in Sweden have made their appearance. Svenska Modellseglarförbundet (the Swedish national radio sailing authority) have given Per Dahlström of Huddinge permission to act as the National Registrar. For registration questions in Sweden, he can be contacted at Apart from trying to expand the class in Sweden, Per is hoping to attend one of the events being run in UK this summer.

February 13, 2007
MYA 2005 Footy Class Intentions
The people who originally crafted the Footy class rules have recently taken a trip down memory lane to provide a look at the original rationale behind many of their decisions. Roger Stollery has distilled and chronicled these as a document entitled MYA 2005 Footy Class intentions.

January 28, 2007
Heron Composites accepting pre-orders for hulls
Nigel Heron reports... "The basic boat (hull, deck, transom, hatch, floatation bulkhead, rudder support), is ready for production. As of today, I am taking orders. Processing will be done on a first come / first serve basis. Photos of finished product will soon be ready (#1 was layed up today). In time, keel, keel box / mast support, and rudder will be available." The price shown on his website is $99. Visit his website Heron Composites.

January 18, 2007
Bourneville MY&PBC will be running a NZ Postal Classic Heat April 22nd
The famous Bourneville MY&PBC will be running another New Zealand Postal Classic Heat, again on 22 April 2007. For details, contact John Newey on 07776 031 794 or at

January 17, 2007
The first Footy UK Championship will be hosted by Gosport MYBC in July
The first Footy UK Championship will be hosted by Gosport MYBC on the superb lake in Gosport on 29 July 2007. I know that Brett McCormack, one of the originators of the class, is wondering whether he can make it all the way from New Zealand! Come and join in the fun.

For details contact the host club's Events Coordinator, Robert Hobbs on +44 (0) 2380 255896.

January 15, 2007
New England version of the Postal race in Laconia, New Hampshire.
Bill Hagerup is hosting the New England version of the Postal race in Laconia, NH, on the same day as Doug's race in Buffalo, April 22nd, 2007. Contact Bill at or phone (603)284-6642.

January 14, 2007
Footy Euro Grand Prix, Bourneville. CORRECTION
Xmas Good Cheer Causes Foul Up! Please note that the correct date of the Footy Euro GP in Bourneville is 16 JUNE, 2007, not 16 July. We look forward to seeing you!