Rule Clarification - June 2007 FOOTY Class R/C Sailboat
Official Class Association of IFCA

Footy Rule Clarification
June 2008

The technical committee recently received the following request for clarification:

Is it legal to "partially" use standard and/or storm rig ?

a ) use only one sail of a two masted model ( schooner, yawl, ketch ... )
b ) use mainsail only, or jib only on a sloop

requirements to be complied with:
a ) all parts belonging to a given rig ( spars, sails, lines ) are always on board

In other word sails are lowered , furled, rolled on boom or mast but are never removed from the model ( but the case of change of rig )

b ) sail identification numbers are always shown

Rule reference:
C.3 (b) " no more than 2 sets of rig and sail(s) shall be used"

The committee unanimously agreed that the examples stated are in agreement with the rule, and would be considered legal.