Rule Clarification - June 2007 FOOTY Class R/C Sailboat
Official Class Association of IFCA

From: Nick Burden
To: Roger Stollery
Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Subject: Footy Rule Clarification

Hello Roger,

I have just completed a Footy which I intend to enter in the UK Championships at Gosport and have complied with all the rules, however, I am uncertain on how to interpret the rule for the "storm" rig. I have considered making the small rig but I don't see how the measurement of 305 mm "from the top of the box" can be applied. It all depends on how far the boat is allowed to drop into the box. A boat with a small keel will obviously only allow for a very small sail. Have I missed something - others I have spoken to are also baffled. Perhaps you could clear up this point and clarify the rule.

I have wondered why it is necessary to make this rule as you allow two rigs, one of which is unrestricted. Why not allow the small rig to be unrestricted as well? One would simply have the choice on the day and the status quo would be maintained as it is for the tall rig.

Best wishes...Nick Burden
(Dabblers Magazine Editor)

Thanks for your message. Where you place the boat in the box is up to you. However it must be in 'racing trim', so if it is too low in the box the sails may not go out to their running position and so would not comply with B1. Just look at the diagram and copy it. If your keel is not to the full depth, chock your boat up until 'the bits that have to be within the box' comply with the rule and that the sails/rig can be in racing trim' and then check that the rig height limit.

It was anticipated that in such a box rule, boats would be built to fit the box as closely as possible to be as stable as possible and would not need chocking up. However boats built before the rule was effective with shorter keels obviously may need to be chocked.

The object of the low limit of the second rig height was to control the size of the big rig. From my limited experience of racing with you this is definitely working for me, as I consider that my biggest BUG might be too big and for this rig design needs to be smaller or the hull design needs to be more powerful to carry that rig.